Six Months Old

Smiles & Laughs

 Turns his/her head to a sound​​​ / voice

Maintains eye contact with caregivers

Looks at a speaker

Cries to gain attention

Cries to express hunger

Babbles (ex:  "bababa" or "gaga")

Imitates facial expressions

Stops crying when hears voice

Moves a rattle through 90 degree arc       

Grasps a block with thumb and first 2 fingers
Bangs a cup on table

One Year Old

Understands simple commands (ex:  "Give me.")

Requests help with gestures or words

Points to at least three body parts

Calls "mama" or "dada"

Says or imitates 8-10 words

Says a few animal sounds

Looks at pictures in a book for a few minutes

​Pretends to feed others

Grasps small item, like Cheerio, with thumb and index finger

  Picks up 2 small blocks in one hand       

Claps hands  Removes socks

Developmental Milestones

** We are inspired by the individual differences in each child's development. 

These are only some examples of skills which are typically mastered at each age range, not a complete list.  **

If you have concerns about your child's development,

we encourage you to contact us for an evaluation.





The Rosetti Infant-Toddler Language Scale

Peabody Developmental Motor Skills

The Greenspan Floortime Approach - The DIR/Floortime Model

​Four Years Old

Identifies many colors and shapes Understands quantities (some, all, one, more, most) Understands spatial concepts (under, next to, behind, etc.) Names categories (clothing, food, toys, etc.)Responds to “when” and “why” questions Names objects when they are described Answers questions about hypothetical events

​​Grasps marker with thumb / index finger

​(other fingers against palm)   

​Stacks 12 blocks        Cuts paper into two pieces
Copies vertical, horizontal, and circular stroke      Buttons and unbuttons       Cuts along a bold line

​18 Months Old

Understands at least 50 words

Points to or gives objects to caregivers

Says at least 15 words

Requests "more" using a sign or word

​Imitates words frequently 

Uses words more often than gestures·        

Opens book        Makes a scribble mark on paper  Grasps marker with thumb and first finger toward paper   Places 2 shapes in puzzle board

Two Years Old

Follows a 2-step direction,

(ex:  "Find your shoes and put them on your fee.")

Says at least 50 words & his/her first name

Uses two-word phrases, such as "I do"

Points to pictures when they are named

Uses words to interact with children & adults

Takes turns talking with caregivers

Turns pages in a book    

Draws a vertical line       Stacks 4-6 small blocks

Three Years Old

Follows three-step directions 
Answers questions with "yes" and "no"
Answers "who," "what," & "where" questions
Talks in full sentences     Put on an overhead shirt with minimal assistance

Take turns with peers given some prompting

Comment about his/her immediate environment

Re-tell stories about recent events

Use verb tenses, (ex: -ing & -ed)

Draws a circle      Builds bridge with 3 blocks Strings beads