Interesting Facts about Karen:

​​-She loves baking and trying new recipes on her friends and family.

-She loves being active and exploring new places. She studied abroad in Segovia, Spain where she lived with a host mom and worked on her Spanish skills!

-She loves all animals. This past spring she got to pet a sloth at a zoo named Slo Mo.

-She used to work at a day camp where she was a camp counselor for children with special needs.

With a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts in education with concentration in special education from University of Dayton, Karen is an outstanding speech-language pathologist who is highly trained to work with children who have different abilities.  Karen's calm and attentive approach leads her clients in effective therapy.  She is a valued team member who collaborates with her clients' families and her colleagues.  

In 2019, Karen attended the four day SOS Approach to Feeding Conference for assessment and treatment of children with feeding challenges. SOS is a multi-disciplinary approach which incorporates posture, sensory, motor, behavioral/learning, medical and nutritional components to evaluate and treat children with feeding issues. 

 Karen Noonan, MS CCC-SLP

 Speech-Language Pathologist

You are beautiful for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.”Psalm 139:14

“The place between your comfort zone and you dream is where life takes place.”-Helen Keller

“Your level of belonging can never be greater than your level of self-acceptance because believing that you’re enough is what gives you the courage to be authentic, vulnerable, and imperfect.” -Brené Brown