My boys had minor speech issues and weren't really progressing with the speech therapist through their school. Their therapist at Pediaprogress helped them a lot more, due in part to the fact that they loved going to see her!  She makes the therapy fun for them and she is great with children.

​Diane, Westmont

My daughter loves coming to Pediaprogress for speech therapy. From day one, she bonded with Miss Lindsey and she looks forward to working with her each week. The most amazing thing I noticed was her increase in conversational speech - Lindsey started to write my daughter's statements into sentences and then share them with me after the session. Everything they wrote down was accurate to what was going on for my daughter. It was so exciting for me to see that she was able to clearly communicate to another person what she was thinking and feeling and to be understood! 

Lisa, Downers Grove

From the moment he walks in the door, my son is extremely comfortable. The staff and specialists make us feel welcome. The therapists have both worked to ensure my child feels comfortable and tailors sessions based on events even from that day. The binder is very helpful in 'keeping it all together' and makes it easier to work on things at home.  

Kelly, Downers Grove

I found Mindy through the Chicago Apraxia Facebook group.  My son was diagnosed with CAS through Early Intervention and is now 8 1/2 years old.  Our goal was to find a speech therapist to keep (my son) progressing through the summer, but I was a little worried that my son would rebel and not want to "do speech" once school is out.  After the first evaluation with Mindy, my son was so excited to go back to see her.  Mindy is enthusiastic, positive, and encouraging.  The feedback that Mindy has provided to me has been incredibly valuable.  From reviewing my son's IEP via email to discussing her findings and concerns, Mindy is thorough, knowledgable and I am confident that my son can make further progress.  I feel completely at ease putting my son in her hands!  Denise, Lockport

Pediaprogress had provided occupational therapy for my twins for over a year. They were identified with developmental delays through the Early Intervention program. The OT is a knowledgeable and caring professional who helped our children improve their gross & fine motors skills and sensory processing as well. Apart from bringing a variety of developmental and fun toys for the children to play with every week, she suggested to us that they would benefit from an indoor swing and trampoline, since they were seeking a lot of movement and helped us get the same. She also shared details about online websites/catalogs where products for special needs could be purchased. She is very kind, flexible and patient in her approach, which I feel is especially important when dealing with younger kids.  I will definitely recommend her.  Vid, Westmont

Thank you so much for all the work you have done with the kids.  It always felt, to me, like (my child's) speech issues would be such a long term process, but you made a world of difference in her progress.  Thank you for your patience, kindness and cooperation in accomodating our crazy life!  You really made my daughter enjoy working on her speech which I think truly helped her progress.  Perhaps we will work with you again in the future but know that I will refer others to you with no hesitation!  Mary, Downers Grove

Hi, my name is Jacob and I have worked here on my reading and spelling.  You should not be scared of coming here!  It is actually pretty fun.  There is all sorts of fun things that we do here.  Most of them I loved to do.  They were very fun and they made hard work seem simple.  I really enjoy coming here every Tuesday after school to work here on fun activities that actually make me learn and have fun while learning.  It is very fun!  Jacob (10-year-old), Downers Grove

We are grateful to Miss Mindy and the progress she has made with our son. Not only have we seen improvements with his speech in the last six months, but she has forged a bond with this mischievous three year old as well.  We often talk of "Miss Mindy's School" and his eyes light up with excitement! He enjoys attending "Miss Mindy's School" and looks forward to "playing."  Because that is what it is to him - "playing."  Her hard works equals "fun" in his mind making it an easy decision for us (and him) to come back every week. Anne, Downers Grove